• 5ft Dual King Size Motion Adjustable Bed On Wooden Legs With A Selection Of Mattresses VAT FREE


    This gorgeous adjustable bed includes a FREE upgrade to a white glove two man delivery who will also install your new bed in your room of choice.

    As part of this professional installation service your new bed will be fully installed and all packaging removed.

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    This bed is available on our express service which is within 3 - 10 working days.

    Your new bed will be fully set up and demoed to you by our professional installation team.

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    This contemporary styled adjustable bed gives you all the benefits and features of an adjustable bed with its back and leg adjustments alongside a zero gravity feature and anti snore mode but in a minimalist and modern looking way also with the option of a matching headboard.

    It also has a weight capacity of 180kg, 28 1/4 Stones per side.

    This bed comes with an easy to use back lit wireless remote control, on dual beds you get two controllers so you can individually control your side of the bed.

    The handset also features a favourite setting memory function so you can return to your favourite position with the touch of one button.

    As standard this bed comes with back / leg adjustment so you can find your perfect relaxed position, it also comes with a presets for zero gravity and anti snore positions.

    Motion Adjustable Bed Features.

    • Zero Gravity Position - At the touch of a button the bed moves into this position which replicates a weight less feel, designed to relieve tension and soothe muscles, a perfect position to sleep in.
    • Anti Snore - A great preset position if your partner suffers from snoring, by gently raising the headrest and opening the airwaves, thus reducing the snoring.
    • Raising Back Rest - Makes it easy to find your most comfortable position if it to sleep, read or watch TV.
    • Raising Foot Rest - Raise your legs at the touch of a button, sleeping with your legs raised can help with swelling and improve circulation in your legs and feet.
    • Suitable up to 28 stones.
    • Favourite position memory button.
    • You can choose to have this bed as a single mattress 5ft King Size if you prefer, just make your selection from the drop down box.
    •  Also available as a 3ft Single, 4ft Small Double, 5ft King Size Dual (2x2ft6) or Single & A 6ft Super King Size Dual (2x3ft) or Single.

    Optional Base Upgrade.

    You can also upgrade your base with our plus option, this gives you a massage function, under bed lights, glide back feature which makes the sitting up motion more comfortable and prevents stomach compression and also an additional head and neck tilt function.

    Matching Headboard.

    You can also add the headboard as shown in the below picture, this button backed headboard will be in the matching fabric to your bed base.

    Fabric Options.

    You can choose from two different fabrics for your Motion Bed.

    Anthracite Grey.


    If you require free fabric samples, just call or email our friendly team.

    Mattress Choices.

    If required you can add a mattress to your order, please see our selection below and make your choice from the drop down boxes.

    Memory Foam - Medium Firm Mattress.

    • Visco memory foam layer on a supportive comfort foam.
    • Medium Firm feel.
    • Ventilated Cool Weave mattress cover.
    • Memory foam contours around your body to evenly distribute pressure.
    • Responds to your body's movement and gives continued support.
    • Comfort support foam provides postural support for a comfortable and well supported sleep.
    • Ventilated cool weave cover to prevent heat build up and keep you cool while you sleep.
    • 9 inches depth.

    Natural 1000 Soft to Medium Feel Mattress.

    • Natural filled with wool and cotton.
    • Soft to Medium feel.
    • 1000 Pocket Springs.
    • Soft touch tufted mattress cover.
    • Side Stitched.
    • Responds to your body's movement and gives continued support.
    • 11 inches depth.

    Natural 2500 Medium Feel Mattress.

    • Natural filled with wool, silk and cashmere.
    • Medium feel.
    • 2500 Pocket Springs, 1000 full size & 1500 microcoil pocket springs.
    • Soft touch tufted mattress cover.
    • Side Stitched.
    • Responds to your body's movement and gives continued support.
    • 10 inches depth.

    Gel 1000 Soft to Medium Mattress.

    • Layers Of Gel Infused Memory Foam.
    • Soft To Medium feel.
    • 1000 Pocket Springs.
    • Airflow Quilted Cotton Cover.
    • Side Stitched.
    • Perfect Balance Of Support And Responsiveness.
    • Gel Layer To Regulate Body Temperature.
    • 10 inches depth.

    Gel Pro 4000 Medium Firm Mattress.

    The Gel Pro 4000 is the ultimate hybrid mattress, this high tech hybrid contains 1000 full size pocket springs, layers of gel infused foam and a 3000 pocket sprung surface gel matrix that has both cooling and pressure relieving properties. The mattress is firm and supportive while being specially designed to profile to the adjustable bed base and your body.

    • Layers Of Gel Infused Memory Foam.
    • Medium Firm feel.
    • 4000 Pocket Springs.
    • Airflow Quilted Cotton Cover.
    • Side Stitched.
    • Perfect Balance Of Support And Pressure Relief.
    • 300 Pocket Cooling Gel Matrix.
    • 10 inches depth.

    Emporia Mattress.

    The Emporia is a truly luxurious natural filled mattress that is available in Soft, Medium Or Firm tensions.

    Luxurious and supremely comfortable, the Emporia truly is the Emperor of all adjustable bed mattresses.

    Its 1500 pocket springs are laid by hand and are enveloped in several layers of luxurious natural fillings.

    These natural fillings include Dartmoor sheep's wool, hand-teased horsetail and fine cottons,  making for an ultra deep and sumptuously comfortable mattress. 

    Horsetail hair is exclusive to the most special of mattresses. It is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic, amazing at wicking away moisture and its natural springiness provides comfort like no other material.

    Dartmoor wool is used for its dense wool fleece which provides pressure relief, natural breathability, hypoallergenic and supreme comfort.

    This mattress is dual sided for longevity and is manufacturer warranted for 15 years. 

    • Soft, Medium Or Firm Tensions.
    • 12 Inches Deep.
    • Natural fillings of Dartmoor sheep's wool, hand-teased horsetail and fine cottons.
    • Hand Pure Wool Tufted.
    • Side Stitched.
    • 1500 Pocket Sprung.
    • Luxurious Cashmere Cover.
    • 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Whichever mattress you choose you will receive a FREE luxury cotton mattress protector to ensure your new mattress is kept in pristine condition!

    The same size protector will automatically be added to your mattress order with a value between £45 & £100!

    Optional Extras.

    Mattress Protector.

    Protect your new mattress with our special sized cotton mattress protector.

    This fully elasticated protector will not pop off when you adjust your bed.

    You can also add another protector to your free one, so you can have one to wash and one to use.

    Jersey Fitted Sheets.

    These 100% combed jersey cotton fitted sheets are super soft, warm and cosy. Jersey cotton's high elasticity is just perfect for an adjustable bed, allowing your sheets to move with your body and mattress.

    Motion Base Grab Rail.

    You can add a grab rail to your bed order, this can assist in getting in and out of bed and repositioning yourself whilst you are in the bed.

    This exclusive grab rail just slots into the Motion Base and is easy to remove and refit.

    Cool Gel Pillow.

    This pillow is the perfect addition to your adjustable bed mattress.

    It's a super-soft supportive pillow that moulds to your neck and head shape for postural control and comfort.

    It is designed to regulate body temperature using advanced cooling gel within its construction.

    Cool Gel Pillow Features.

    • Ventilated Cool Weave Pillow Cover.
    • Cool Gel Layer.
    • Memory Foam Cushion. 


    This bed is available on our express service which is within 3 - 10 working days.

    Your new bed will be fully set up and demoed to you by our professional installation team.

    Please note that for the soft or firm Emporia mattress option the delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks.


    External Length : 2000mm - 78½”

    External Width:

    - 150cm/5ft King - 1500mm - 59"

    Floor to Mattress Platform Height : 300mm / 11 ¾

    Headboard Height : 1200mm - 47"


    This bed comes with a three year manufacturers warranty.

    This bed price is only available if you are eligible for VAT free pricing.

    You will need to complete a VAT free eligibility form to complete your purchase.

    We will email or post you a VAT form once we have received your order.

    Should You be FREE from VAT?

    If you have a physical or mental impairment, or if you suffer from a long term illness then you could be exempt from paying VAT on you your adjustable bed.

    This VAT relief is available for disabled people when purchasing adjustable beds.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility for VAT exemption please seek advice from your GP or alternatively for more information call the VAT Disabled Reliefs Helpline on Telephone: 0300 123 1073.

    If you are not eligible to a VAT free purchase, please call.