• Simply Kids Anti-Allergy 3ft Single Pocket Sprung Mattress From JayBe - Medium Feel

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    JayBe are an NBF Approved manufacturer so you know that your child is sleeping on a mattress that is Safe, Clean & Honest.

    This mattress is foam free, so your child is not sleeping on a mattress containing harmful chemicals.

    The JAY-BE® Simply Kids Pocket Sprung Anti-Allergy mattress is a premium option from the JAY-BE® Simply Kids range.

    The higher specification pocket sprung interior provides your child with exceptional reactive support.

    Each of the springs rest within their own individual pocket enabling them to move up and down independently.

    As your child moves during the night the springs respond in synchronisation with the contours of their body for optimum comfort and support.

    This premium JAY-BE® children’s mattress also embodies the latest anti-allergy technology – Purotex®.

    Actively creating a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment, Purotex® is one of the most innovative and beneficial mattress technologies to help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, especially for children who have a hyper-sensitive immune system.

    Purotex® is a 100% natural pro-biotic remedy infused within the mattress fabric which absorbs moisture and lowers the presence of dust mites and other allergens, reducing the potential trigger of allergic reactions.

    Topped with a deep cushion of breathable smart fibre comfort layers to offer substantial support for growing bones and muscles.

    These smart fibre comfort layers are also hypoallergenic and have an open cell structure, enabling the free flow of air through the mattress.

    This free flowing air reduces moisture and in turn helps to prohibit mould and allergens.

    As a result, a more comfortable and temperature controlled sleeping environment is experienced.

    Delivery of your mattress will be within 5 - 10 working days.

    All JAY-BE® Simply Kids mattresses are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

    These mattresses are Vacuum Roll-packed for your complete convenience and are easy to carry to your child's bedroom.

    Product & Packaging Dimensions

    Mattress ready for use: W90cm (35.4in) L190cm (74.8in) D18cm (7in)

    Mattress packed: W33cm (12.9in) L33cm (12.9in) H10cm (3.9in) (0.1089m3)

    Weight: 14.8kg / 32.6lb

    Key Features

    • Foam Free comfort layers, free from harmful chemicals.
    • Pocket sprung interior. Each spring reacts independently to the contours of your body for more individual posture support.
    • Purotex® treated. A 100% natural pro-biotic technology which absorbs moisture and reduces the presence of dust-mite allergens thereby reducing the potential trigger of allergic reactions.
    • Breathable for a drier, fresher and purer mattress.
    • Smart fibre comfort layers help to create a temperature controlled sleeping environment.
    • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant for a healthier sleep environment.
    • Soft woven fabric sleeping surface for increased durability and extra comfort.
    • Easy care - simply rotate regularly to maximise the life of the mattress.
    • Edge to Edge comfort layers for maximum sleeping area.
    • Made in the UK to meet British and European safety standards.