• UNO Vitality Plus Memory Foam Medium Feel 20cm Deep Mattress From Breasley

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    This mattress features a brand new design cover with a blue fleck.

    This mattress is made by Breasley, an NBF approved manufacturer so you can rest assured that you are sleeping on a safe and sound product.

    The Vitality Plus mattress features our unique ergonomic design to target the shoulder and hip areas.

    The luxurious 60mm of memory foam top layer is profiled to contour to your body shape which offers comfort and support in all the right places.

    At a generous 20cm deep, the mattress is suitable for a wide range of uses, providing memory foam comfort for that extra touch of luxury as well as the support of a high density foam base.

    The Uno Vitality Plus also benefits from a removable, washable non quilted cover, with the added advantage of a Fresche® Bioscience high performance antimicrobial treatment for a clean and safe sleep environment.

    Fresche® offers durable and lasting protection against bacterial and fungal attack and also inhibits the development of house dust mites.

    This mattress is made in the UK to approved standards, and has a fantastic full 10 year structural guarantee for complete peace of mind.

    Delivered vacuum packed for your convenience – ideal if you need to manoeuvre your mattress around tight corners, small spaces or lots of stairs.

    Just give the mattress a couple of hours to fully recover and then you are ready for a great night’s sleep!

    This mattress is rated as a medium feel.

    This mattress Features Adaptive Technology to keep you cool while you sleep.

    Adaptive® wicks away moisture, increases evaporation and helps create a cool and dry sleep environment.

    Test results show that Adaptive® also has a positive effect on the softness of the fabric.

    Test results from the North Carolina State University prove that Adaptive® improves the wicking and evaporation of humidity (away from the body) and reduces the temperature within the sleep environment.




    This mattress Also features Fresch Tecnology

    Fresche© Bioscience is a new generation anti microbial finish. It fights bacteria,fungi and odour.

    Fresche© also inhibits the development of house dust mites.

    The Fresche© high performance treatment provides a long life solution (washable at 60°C) for the durability of your mattress.

    Fresche© is recognised as one of the world’s most advanced non-volatile anti microbials.

    Fresche© is safe for people, plants, pets and the environment.

    Key Features:

    • 20cm deep mattress
    • 60mm top layer of memory foam
    • Ergonomic profiling
    • High density support foam base
    • Non quilted removable, washable cover with Adaptive® and Fresche® technology
    • 10 year guarantee on the mattress core
    • No turn, no need to rotate mattress
    • Complies with UK Fire Regulations BS7177 (Domestic use)

    Delivery of your mattress will be within 5 - 10 working days.



    Single - 3ft x 20cm thick (8 inches) x 190cm

    Small Double - 4ft x 20cm thick (8 inches) x 190cm

    Double - 4ft 6 x 20cm thick (8 inches) x 190cm

    King Size - 5ft x 20cm thick (8 inches) x 198cm

    Super King Size - 6ft x 20cm thick (8 inches) x 198cm