• Windsor Divan Bed With Storage Options From Airsprung

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    The Windsor Divan Bed from Airsprung features the Duraspring Spring System and is made in the UK.

    This bed is rated as a medium feel.

    The Duraspring Spring System is a 13.5 gauge high tensile spring for increased performance.

    The result is a bed that gives a slightly softer feel and gentle support.

    By combining different layers of upholstery it gives a feel of a bed that is “just right” for you. 

    The Windsor features stitchbond ticking and a figure of 8 panel quilted design.

    This Divan is available in a small single, single, small double, double and king size.

    It has various storage options available.

    You can have two drawers, four drawers or a sliding door for storage.

    The four drawer option is not available on the 2'6 and 3ft single beds.

    The sliding door option is only available on the small single and single 3ft beds.

    This divan will be delivered free of charge to your room of choice by our two man delivery team.

    It will be delivered within 14 days.

    We also offer the service of picking up and recycling your old divan bed and mattress.


    Springs - Duraspring 5.5” x 13.5 gauge framed unit.

    Upholstery - Layers of soft white polyester fillings.

    Finishing - Panel quilted panels.

    Border - 18cm border.

    Ticking - Attractive printed stitchbond.

    Turnable -  Yes.

    This divan set is guaranteed for one year.

    Approx Dimensions


    Small Single Bed Height 56 cm x Width 75 cm x Length 190 cm

    Single Bed Height 56 cm x Width 90 cm x Length 190 cm

    Small Double Bed Height 56 cm x Width 120 cm x Length 190 cm

    Double Bed Height 56 cm x Width 90 cm x Length 190 cm

    King Size Bed Height 56 cm x Width 150 cm Length 200 cm 


    Small Single Bed Height 22 inches x Width 29.5 inches x Length 74.8 inches

    Single Bed Height 22 inches x Width 35.4 inches x Length 74.8 inches

    Small Double Bed Height 22 inches x Width 47.2 inches x Length 74.8 inches

    Double Bed Height 22 inches x Width 53.2 inches x Length 74.8 inches

    King Size Bed Height 22 inches x Width 59 inches x Length 78.7 inches

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    The sleep council further provides helpful advice on choosing the right bed for optimum sleeping comfort, Airsprung are proud to be members of 'The Sleep Council'.